Indian Bank Net Banking Steps For Online Activation

Indian Bank (Indian Bank) also provides Interent Banking facility to its customers, with which you can access your bank account online and there are many tasks related to banking which you can do on your phone / PC.

Today we are going to tell the Indian Bank customers how to activate Indian Bank Net Banking (Internet banking) online. You do not have to go to the branch for internet banking registration, you can do this online.

By following this step by step guide, you can activate Indian bank Internet banking online.

Indian Bank Internet Banking Online Activation

You must have these things for Net Banking activation for your Indian bank account.

  • Registered Mobile Number
  • Active Debit Card & PIN
  • Account number / CIF number
  • Account With Registered Email Address

All these things are ready for you, so let’s register for Net Banking.

1. First, you have to go to the Indian bank net banking portal.
Here you have to click on REGISTER ONLINE.

Indian Bank Net Banking
Indian Bank Net Banking

2. Now in the next screen you have to type your CIF number or Account number, both of which you can see in your pass book. Simply type your registered mobile number and submit it

indian bank net banking

3. In the next page you have to type OTP that will come on your registered mobile number. Type OTP and click confirm.

Indian Bank Net Banking

4. In the next screen you can see the information related to your account, here you have to select “View & Transaction Facility” in Type of Facility and click confirm.

Indian Bank Net Banking

5. Now you have to set your login password in the next screen. Set up a strong login password and click submit
6. In the next screen, you have to set Security Question & Answer. 2 Answer set to submit. They are needed when you forget your password.
7. Now you have to choose Activate Through ATM Card.
8. In the next page you have to submit your Debit Card number, expiry date and PIN. How to Activate Step by step SBI Net Banking

Take advantage of registering for your Indian bank Internet Banking successfully.

Login for the first time

After registering for Net Banking, you can now login to your account.
To log in, type your CIF number in the user ID and type the login password to log in.

You have to set Transaction password, which is used to authenticate any transaction.

Now you are logged into Net Banking Account where you can see all the information related to your account and do much work related to banking online.

So in this way you can use the Indian bank Net banking facility online activate / register. The most effective method to Activate PNB Mobile Banking

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